Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Today I want to ask you a question. Are you sabotaging your own success? The traits are too common to ignore. You missed an important meeting. You didn’t decide and take action on a career or business opportunity. You argue with your team or employer. You publicly criticize your employer, co-worker and the job. You may find yourself procrastinating in getting important or critical project completed.

These among many are the symptoms of blocking your own success. When we impede our success, we become our own worst enemy; we may not realize it. Why would a hardworking, motivated and ambitious individual like you, limit your success? In numerous cases, the answer is so simple to be aware. It is easier to sail through life than to achieve success. Let’s admit it. It is easier to indiscriminately watch TV shows than to go to a business opportunity meeting after work. Watching a football game may be more captivating than picking up a book on positive thinking. It is easier to cancel a meeting than preparing for it. It is easier to come up with excuses or rational reasons for behavior not to do something of importance toward our success.

When we don’t commit ourselves and take action, life continues as it is. We tend to stay in our “cool zone”. In other words, comfort zone. Success is challenging. It’s pushy and discomforting. Champions and winners can relate.

In our lives, career or business, we need to prepare mentally and physically to breakthrough it. We need to anticipate for the manifestations of sabotaging our success and the arm ourselves to face them.