Life is all about becoming better, skillful, creative and taking those skills to the marketplace to add value to people and watch the return for your life. In my life, I’ve learned that if you want more for yourself, you have to become more and the good news is we can become more because humans can become more. If you want to be successful, wealthy, happy and healthy, learn this lesson well:

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” – Jim Rohn

I first learned this lesson from Jim Rohn. He learned the lesson from his mentor, Mr. Earl Shoaff. The business of personal development lasts a lifetime. In life and as you do on the job, don’t ask, “What am I getting?” Instead, ask “What am I becoming?” What you become directly affects what you get. Think of it this way: Your results today are what you have attracted by becoming the person you are today. Also, what you get on the job is temporary. What you have become lasts a lifetime. You can have more, if you become more. If you do more. If you try more. If you learn more. IF you practice more…Today’s market place is very demanding and competitive. Though opportunities are plentiful, you have to be ready, prepared and productive. Preparing for this starts with you; your personal development. Self-improvement is a challenge, it’s a struggle, it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s a push. You and I know the axiom, No Pain…No Gain.

Someone once said, “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

Inspiration is great, but you must put in the hard work and discipline. Invest in yourself. You’ve got to read the books, write things (journaling), learn new skills, go to the seminars, listen to audios, watch the videos, have a coach or mentor. Do all these until they become a part of you. They’re not easy, but they are worth it. The challenges will help you develop, grow and win. The return on your investment (ROI) will determine your place, promotion, raise, your equity and worthiness in the market place. Personal development has three parts: Spiritual, Physical, Mental.

The Three Divisions of Personal Development

1. Spiritual:

I know and believe when one talks about spiritual development, you can get different schools of thought and argument almost anywhere. But my belief of creation says that humans are not just higher animals. I am not of the school that believes humans are highly developed and advanced form of animal species. I firmly and strongly believe humans are spiritual, very unique and the highest form of all creations. I admit, I am not a professional on this subject of spirituality. I am an amateur on the spiritual side of nature, but I would recommend to you to learn all you can about the spiritual side of your being. And whatever material you have to read to develop the spiritual area of your life, you should. I strongly suggest you do!

2. Physical: Your Health Is Your Wealth

A healthy mind in a healthy body; mind and body work together. Particular attention should be given to both. Your body is a temple. It is a temple because that’s where you live and should be treated as such. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Your health is your success, wellness and happiness. Physical development; your well being is critical to your success in the market place. Having a healthy body gives you a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Your well being includes good nutrition and exercise. Read and research a good health plan for yourself. Then comes grooming. Your physical appearance matters. Be mindful enough to take care of appearance in the market place. How you appear to others-on the job, in your business, to your company and community, matters a lot. You might say, ‘Well, others must not judge you by your appearance.’ Well, you got that wrong! People do! That’s a reality. It is not what you think about yourself when it comes to your appearance in the market place.

3. Mental:

The third and final part of personal development is the mind. The mind, just like every other muscle, needs to be stretched. Develop good thinking and study habits, reading habits, the pursuit of ideas and creative thinking as a mental food, in order to grow. Be a lifelong learner if you want to reach your potential.

Here at Personal Success Principles, we’ve mastered personal growth and step-by-step training programs to empower your personal development to enable you to be your best, to become more and achieve more…the full potential of yourself. We can help, and we’d be delighted to join you in your personal success development.