Setting Goals and Achieving Them


Why Is It So Important to Set Goals?

In 1979, a study was done by Harvard University that asked graduates if they had written goals and plans of action. Only 3 percent had vividly defined written goals. Thirteen percent had goals but not written down. Eighty-four percent never had goals in any form or shape. Ten years later (1989), a follow-up study done by the same Harvard students, revealed that the 3 percent of the students who had written goals were more than 10 times more successful than the 97 percent who had not. Study upon study has shown that people with written goals and plans of action to reach those goals succeed regardless of their background, level of formal education, ability, age, race and social status. All top-level champions, top athletes, entrepreneurs, successful business people, leaders, politicians; in short, all great achievers have written goals with actions and focus to reach their goals.

From the Harvard study, we know that the ability to set goals with plans, actions and laser-beam focus is the mastery skill of personal success. A person with written goals makes progress and accomplishes great in the face of unimaginable difficulties. It's never too late to develop that roadmap to success! Personal Success Principles can help you identify and create goals to put you on that path to success. Ask us how.