What is it? Inspiration is any influence , action or thought that motivates us towards our goals or pursuing our passion or dream. In theology,inspiration is a divine or supernatural guidance or influence to express God's will or His intention. It's also the stimulation or arousal of the mind for creativity or ideas.

Why inspiration?

It facilitates creativity and innovation. It encourages progress towards achieving goals and enhances our wellbeing.

Sources of inspiration:

It can be found in many and various ways including, reading self-help books, inspirational and motivational audios, videos, spiritual materials,art, in songs, images, and nature.

When does inspiration occurs to us?

It differs from each individual. It happens when we are attached to the things or events that stimulate inspiration, i.e. when we are engaged in the above mentioned things.

My inspiration comes from reading , taking a walk, listening to inspirational audios and videos, and in my quiet time.

What to do when inspired?

  • First write down your thoughts, ideas and feelings. You cannot trust your memory.
  • You can record your thoughts, ideas, and feeling if you will.
  • Add date, day, time and location.
  • What activities were you engaged in?
  • Share with trusted or like-minded friend, mentor or coach if you have one.

Finally, what?

Act on the idea or thought that was impressed upon you.