Network Marketing


Your image of network marketing is most like the same image planted in the minds of most people--it's multilevel marketing (popularly known as MLM) or a "get-rich scheme." Neither is true. Network marketing is an opportunity for you to earn money, either part-time or full-time running your own business. It is also an opportunity to create residual income. Some people may have negative impressions about network marketing and have a tendency to criticize and ridicule individuals who are network marketing entrepreneurs. But those who understand the compensation (pay) plan, the stability of the company, the great products and services, the support, training and system of operation, the company's growth and the integrity of people believe it's the way to financial security and time freedom. You're truly worth your exact effort and hard work. Formal education is not required. No nepotism, no favoritism, no office or corporate politics. You're recognized, rewarded and compensated for all your efforts.

Network marketing canl earn you enough money for your financial and time freedom, buy the things you want and provide the lifestyle of your choice. Every business is formed like a pyramid, but in network marketing, the difference is that everybody can form his/her own business "pyramid" and be at the top. In corporate America, that is not the way it is. Only a few people at the top earn in the millions, while many employees earn about $25-50,000 a year, with very little or no hope of making $100,000 a year. Unfranchise and Market America/ can offer you an entrepreneurial path to business ownership, financial and time freedom.