The 5 Questions of Personal Success

All our lives are controlled by these five questions.

Question # 1: WHO AM I? …….Your Identity { serious question to answer}
Most people have never and will never ask this question nor answer this question because they’re afraid.

Question # 2: WHERE AM I FROM? …..Origin or Source.
Again about 99.9% of the people of the world never asked nor answer this question. This second question has nothing to do with your race, ethnicity or nationality.

Question # 3: WHY AM I HERE?…..Purpose or Meaning of your Existence .
This third question is very important. It is the question to answer to become successful here on this planet. Why was I born? Why am I created? What can I do?
What’s my gift? {work} Again, most people have never asked nor answered this question.

Question # 4: WHAT CAN I DO? ……Potential, Gift, Talent.
What are you capable of? What is your work? Again majority of the global population have never asked nor answered this question.
The last question every human being has always struggled with is;

Question # 5: WHERE AM I GOING?….Destiny. Question number five is a question of destiny.
Exercise to do to answer these five questions.
Use a timer for this exercise. Use 90 seconds to answer each question. Do not worry about the accuracy of your answers.

It is for awareness and self-discovery.
To your success and happiness